The Writing’s on the Wall

This post is about how, after much resistance, Final Cut Pro will not be long for this world here at Red Earth.

    The tech-y part:

4k footage shot on Red Cameras is really big! You can put it on an IMAX screen and it will look sharp as all hell. In final cut, that makes it burdensome, slow, glitchy, because final cut software can’t deal, it’s the equivalent of trying to drink a cold drink too fast.

We use the most amazing solution in the world of modern computerdom, the codec. A special little beast that shrinks the footage down, takes out some quality, and makes it so we can work fast and smooth with out crashes, lag or anything else that is unacceptable in our entitled modern Internet world. Using a codec to shrink footage takes time and hard drive space, both of which equal $$$$.

    The solution:

This video right here of Adobe’s new Creative Suite with The Premier editing platform. A guy editing uncompressed 4k footage like it ain’t no thang’.

As the guy says “not even I can believe what I’m seeing on my timeline right now”

Being able to drop raw 4k footage into your editing timeline is like the equivalent of the Nissan Leaf for editing. New paradigm, game changer, awesome.

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